Definition der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Urotherapie im Kindes- und Jugendalter

Diagnostik, Behandlung und Betreuung von funktionellen und neurogenen Blasenstörungen sowie Enuresis durch ein interdisziplinäres Team.

Definition der International Children's Continence Society (ICCS) 2005

"Urotherapy is the non-surgical, non-pharmacological treatment of LUT malfunction. It is thus synonymous to the term "lower urinary tract rehabilitation" frequently used in the adult sphere. It is a very wide field incorporating many therapies used by urotherapists and other health professionals. This rehabilitation approach and teh therapies mentioned above are certainly not mutually exclusive. Urotherapy can be divided into standard urotherapy and specific interventions.Standard urotherapy is non-interventional and includes the following components:

  • Information and demystification. Explanation about normal LUT and in what way the particular child deviates from the normal.
  • Instructions about what to do about it; i.e. regular voiding habits, sound voiding posture, avoiding holding manoevures etc..
  • Life-style advice. Advice regarding fluid intake, prevention of constipation etc..
  • Registration of symptoms and voiding habits, using bladder diaries or frequency/volume charts.
  • Support and encouragement via regular follow-up by the care giver.
  • Specific interventions used in the urotherapeutic setting are defined in the same way as published in the ICS document. They include various forms of pelvic floor training, behavioural modification, biofeedback, electric stimulation and catheterization."